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Teeny Bikini

You know, even if I could wear a bikini, I couldn't. Not because it's against any overly-strict morality code I've trapped myself with (as I seem to do) but because even if I had the body my boobs would never fit those bikini tops! In the end, if anything, it's a comfort.

Shopping today I was inspired - let's try a bikini on. I haven't gone even gone NEAR them since I was 14. I tried one on in the 8th grade and it left me huddled in a dressingroom in a fit of tears. But the trauma wore off, obviously, because I found myself shopping through them kind of excitedly. The bikinis are always cuter than the one piece outfits anyway, which is an injustice all its own, so I didn't have much of a problem finding something I liked. The results? Hmmm... Even though little ol naughty me has not been going to the gym, I didn't look so terrible. Not that I could prance out on the beach like that w/o feeling like a beached whale... I dunno. I think life has boosted my confidence as of late. Everything fit. Well, almost. I thought one of the perks of bikinis is to show off breasts, I mean, right? At least it was in the 80's. Not that I'd buy or wear one of those G-strings that the hot chicks in all the metal videos wear but a lot of those girls have gotta be bigger than me. I dunno. It kinda offended me... screw the market of the early 90's booing big-breasted women and encouraging Calvin Klein to starve their models and market heroine-chic. The bustline was reduced, the empire waist was raised and for some reason every halter top or button-up shirt feels the need to choose what size my breasts are for me.

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