gingerleigh (gingerleigh) wrote,


If I take a deep deep deep deep deep breath, maybe it will relax me. If I take a deep enough breath maybe it will relax everyone else.

It seems we're all running down this long hallway that just keeps extending. The walls sometimes look like they're closing in, that our paths are narrowing...

But no matter how dark a place you find yourself, I can promise you that I will always be around to push myself with ALL of my might to glow and be the guiding light that you need in this hour. This one is for my amazing friends. We are all struggling to find our niche in this world - but take comfort in the solitide that we are doing it alongside eachother. You are never ever alone and together, one day, we will all be a greater version of ourselves because of this. Your power is amazing; this is why I love you.
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